Alaska: Land of the Midnight Sun

View of surrounding mountainsI have been in Anchorage for 3 days now, and have spent a lot of that time working. That’s what happens on business trips! I am hoping that this weekend I will get a chance to see some sights, at least in Anchorage. There is so much to see and do here, it’s incredible. Alaska is an adventure-tourist paradise (especially if you are into fishing). I’ve posted a few photos, but I haven’t really had a chance to take many yet. There will be more to come!

My first impression of Anchorage was flying in. The views of the surrounding mountains were incredible. Unfortunately, since then it has been quite cloudy and I haven’t seen much of the mountains again! This afternoon I did see one peaking out, so I snapped a quick photo. Walking out of the airport into complete daylight at 11pm was a bit odd, especially since my body felt like it was 3am. I almost want to stay up to see how dark it really does get, but I can tell you that at midnight, it’s still pretty bright, and by 4am it’s fairly bright again. I’ve always found it interesting while traveling how it can be hot and yet get dark at 6:30 or 7pm, because I am so accustomed to heat being equated with long summer days. Here, it surprises me, even after 3 days, that it’s 10pm and still light out. Good thing my curtains a pretty good!

Anchorage is a city of about 300,000 people. It seems fairly spread out, and is located on Cook’s Inlet, and is surrounded by mountains. Cook’s Inlet supposedly has the highest tides after the Bay of Fundy. The views are stunning and would be even more so if the clouds ever went away! The people are friendly and there is a very diverse mix of people, including Asians, Mexicans, and Russians. As such, there is a diverse mix of restaurants to choose from, which is great. Mostly, it’s a city like any other and has a long network of trails for biking and walking (which I hope to do some of on the weekend).

My boss here has taken me out to show me a few sights the last two days after work, which was very nice of him. He took me to see Cook’s Inlet, the coastal trail, and we drove around Lake Hood, which is a the largest float plane airport in the world (see photos…I went for a run by the lake and took some shots at the same time). Apparently there are a lot of wealthy people in Alaska, from oil and mining, and they all have their own planes to travel here and there. I thought they might be tours, which a few are, or ferries to the interior, but nope! They are so people can go down to Seward for lunch if they want! Today we went to see a creek downtown where people fish for salmon. They are spawning at the moment, so the creek was full of fishermen. Right in the middle of the city!

Well I’ve probably rambled on enough for the moment. Hope I have some sightseeing to write about soon.

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mmmm.. good!

Submitted by Emmanuelle (not verified) on Sun, 2008-07-13 03:11.

Glad to hear that the fish are getting busy for you! Take more photos and bring back travel info! :0)



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