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Vegetable Stall in a MarketI am writing this on my second last night in Dhaka. It is the weekend here now, and so tomorrow I will work in the hotel, eat an early dinner and head to bed so that I can get up at 2am to go to the airport and catch my flight to the UK at 5:30am. I am definitely looking forward to returning home, and also to my short layover in the UK for the weekend. Dhaka is always interesting, but after a while one gets sick of the traffic, noise, bad air quality, heat and humidity, not to mention the often frustrating working conditions.

The trip has gone quite well. I was able to get all the work I needed to done. Despite it being frustrating at times, this trip was no where near as frustrating as the last ones have been because I was working on other tasks. It looks like I will likely be back within the next 6 months to give some training on wastewater treatment, which is both good and nerve-wracking at the same time! I have taken courses, and worked in designing wastewater treatment plants, but I am not sure I am quite expert enough to give a two-day workshop!

I got out a couple of times to do a bit of shopping. I didn’t buy a whole lot this trip. I’ve bought things on both previous trips, and there is only so much stuff that I actually want from here. I bought a few more sets of pearls for people and a few things from Aarong, a fair trade shop run by an NGO, which also sells things to Ten Thousand Villages. Aside from that, today some of us went out for lunch to a restaurant (usually eat in the office). It was pretty good, except for the giant cockroach on the way out the door. This restaurant is popular with Bangladeshis, and is not typically the kind of restaurant I would go to here. But anyways, it’s always an adventure! Hopefully my insides survive that one …

That’s about all from here! I’ve posted a few more photos on flickr from today. Next post will be about my weekend in Bristol!

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