Another week in Nampula

Well, another week has come and gone and I did not find any time to write a blog update. Now that it is Saturday, things on the work front have calmed down a bit, not because there is no work to be done, so I can finally write a brief update of what I’ve been up to. My time in Mozambique is flying by, mostly as a result of the amount of work there is to do. We are making progress and getting things done but it doesn’t leave much time for tourism or even getting out of the hotel!

We are currently in the mobilization / inception phase of the project and all the work we are doing here so far has to do with these things. Mobilization is basically everything to do with getting the team here, setting up an office, procuring vehicles, etc. Inception is basically the planning that needs to be done that will set the framework for the next 4 years of project implementation. Usually, on a project like this, this period of the project lasts several months, sometimes up to 6 months. On this one, we have two months from contract signing, which was officially June 1.

So far we succeeded in registering the project with the government, finding a house for the team leader, finding office space (although we can’t move in there until July 15), hiring a secretary and accountant, finding a rural development specialist to work on the team, meetings, developing a work plan for producing our report by the end of the month that will contain our work plan for the program, buying computers, and working out a lot of other details to get this project off the ground. Next week a few more members of the team arrive, and the following week the whole team will be here for a kick off meeting with our client. It has definitely been a good learning experience for me so far, and I’m sure that will continue for the duration of my stay.

Unfortunately all this work has not left me much time to get out of the hotel, where we are working from for the moment. Last weekend we got out to the market on Sunday, I’m not sure if I wrote about that yet. It was a typical market, with just about anything you could imagine for sale. They had a small artisans’ area, where I bought a painting done on cloth which is really neat! Other than that I’m not sure if I’ll buy much else while I’m here. There wasn’t a lot of selection here in Nampula. Maybe elsewhere there is a better selection of interesting things. Next week we are off to Pemba for two days, which is more of a touristy place than here, as it is on the beach. Unfortunately I highly doubt we will actually have time to sit on the beach, but at least I might see it!

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