A Day of Hiking

IllimaniI spent today hiking and it was great. I went with Club Andina, a trekking club of sorts. A friend of mine invited me for the day. There were five of us, plus a guide. We started off hiking the Canyon de Palco. About an hour from La Paz, we were dropped off a little ways from the canyon, walked down to it and then walked for a couple of hours in the canyon. Our feet got a little wet, but it was a great hike! At the end of the excursion, before walking up to the town of Palco we had a little picnic lunch. The minibus picked us up in the town.

Afterwards, we drove back to the outskirts of La Paz, which took about 2 hours. From there, we drove up to the town at the base of Muela del Diablo (which means Devil’s Molar and you will see from the photos, that it really does look like a tooth!). From there we hiked up Muela del Diablo, as high as you can go. This hike was much more challenging. It was steep uphill and the rock was very crumbly, making the downhill a challenge as well. However, we made it to the top and took in some magnificent views.

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Posted in La Paz | travel Submitted by Meg on Sun, 2007-03-25 19:15


Submitted by Katie (not verified) on Mon, 2007-03-26 15:38.

Wow Meg, the mountains look incredible. I'm super jelous but I bet it was hard work to get to the top!!


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