Finally in Nampula

After spending the weekend in Maputo, I flew up to Nampula, which is in the North of Mozambique. It is a city of approximately 300-400,000 people, with a small commercial centre. According to one of the women I am traveling with it has changed a great deal since 1995 when she was last here. It is a bustling little city now. It is warmer here than it was in Maputo, as we are closer to the equator. During the day it is hot, while at night a nice cool breeze blows. It reminds me of Ottawa in July. It’s the dry season now, so we should get much rain while I am here. I will stay in Nampula until the end of July.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am in Nampula in the first place. My company is starting implementation of a new rural water supply and sanitation project. It will take place over the next 5 years, so I may find myself here again on occasion. The project area covers the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado, which are the two most northerly provinces in the country. Cabo Delgado shares a border with Tanzania. We (myself, the project manager who also traveled from Canada and two others so far) are here to start up the project, which involves a lot of logistics and also a lot of planning. We need to buy cars, set up an office in Nampula, hire admin staff, and plan the implementation of the project, as well as meet with our government and donor counterparts. It will be a busy 6 weeks, especially if the first two days are any reflection of what is to come.

We are staying in a fairly nice hotel (Hotel Milenio), which has a pretty good although somewhat slow restaurant on the ground floor. The restaurant is run by east-Asians (I don’t know where they are actually from) and so has a large menu of Indian food which is great! There are a fair number of east-Asians who come into the restaurant, so it must be the best for Indian (possibly the only) in town. Things in Mozambique are not particularly cheap, which is different from most of the developing countries I have been to. A meal of chicken, rice, fries and water costs $9, which is cheaper than in Canada, but really is not that cheap when you think about it. And there always seems to be rice AND fries.

No pictures yet – hope to take some soon, and also write more about this place!

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