Galapagos - Day 4

Frigate Bird (chest inflated), North Seymour IslandIn the morning we went for a walk on North Seymour Island. We had to make a very early start to the day, because today we were dropping about half the passengers off at the airport and picking up a bunch more. The main animal life on this island consisted of birds. There were a lot of nesting grounds, where small babies and immature birds were growing up. We saw blue footed boobies, frigate birds with their red throats inflated (the males do this to attract a mate) and lava gulls. We also saw some crabs and sea lions with very small babies (probably almost newborn) trying to feed from their mothers.

Young Booby, North Seymour IslandAfter our walk we got back on board for breakfast and headed towards the navy port to drop off the passengers who were on the 4-day tour, as well as to refuel. We hung out on board, although did have the opportunity to spend some time on a beach. Instead we read our books in the shade on the lounge chairs on the top deck of the boat. We picked up more passengers who were doing the 5-day tour, and headed to Bartolome Island over lunch.

Meg and Dave on Bartolome Island In the afternoon, we hiked up a steep trail on Bartolome Island to have a great view of the Pinnacle Rock, a very majestic rock formation on the coast of the island. The island was the first that we would see that was formed relatively recently by a lava flow from a volcano. It was amazing scenery. There were a few lava cactus, and a few small lava lizards, but not much else lived on the island. From the trail we could see huge manta rays jumping in the distance.

Penguin, Bartolome Island After going back down the trail we headed over to the beach. On the way we saw our first penguin! It was a pygmy penguin and it was probably only about 30-45cm tall. On the beach we got into our snorkelling gear and went snorkelling around Pinnacle Rock. We saw some fish, starfish and sea urchins, but the visibility in general wasn’t great. Back on board, the boat started on a long overnight sail to Isla Fernandina.

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