Galapagos - Day 5

Penguin, Punta Espinosa on Isla FernandinaIn the morning we went for a walk on Punta Espinosa, on Isla Fernandina. From the dinghy along the shore we saw flightless cormorants, penguins, pelicans, sea lions and some sea turtles swimming in the water. Once on land, the first thing we saw was a nesting ground for marine iguanas. And thousands of iguanas! The iguanas were sunning themselves on the rocks, piled on top of each other. It was incredible. We would see one huge group, walk on a few more meters and see another huge group. We passed various types of mangroves, a Galapagos hawk and oyster catchers. We passed by a small bay, where there were hundreds of fish jumping now and then out of the water, as well as two sea turtles mating (apparently the whole process can take hours!). There was also a whale skeleton set out on the rocks at one point. Apparently it had been carried there and re-assembled at some point, but had been there so long it was bleached pure white. This island was again one very recently formed by volcanic activity, in fact, Fernandina is the youngest of the islands.

Sea Turtle, Punta Espinosa on Isla FernandinaOver lunch we sailed to Isla Isabela, where we went snorkeling in the afternoon in Urbina Bay. We went from the beach, where there were turtle nests (although no eggs at this time of year). While snorkeling we saw four sea turtles, once of which swam right towards me as I was floating above it! Sadly, one of the turtles only had three flippers. We also saw puffer fish and a whole lot of other fish.

Land Iguana, Uruina Bay - Isabela IslandBack at on land, we walked from the beach along a trail. We saw a few land iguanas, some hermit crabs, various types of trees and when we got back to the beach we saw several sharks (small black tipped reef sharks) swimming in the bay. After the walk we went back to the boat and watched the sunset. In the evening we sailed to Elizabeth Bay, also on Isla Isabela.

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