Goodbye to the Heat

Street VendorsToday is my last day in Dhaka! I will be at the airport in less than 12 hours, and then back in Ottawa about 27 hours later. I am looking forward to being home – and I am quite happy the snow is all gone! Not so happy about the Sens losing in 4 straight, but what can you do. I think we all expected that. It has been exceedingly hot here lately, even the locals are saying there is a heat wave...highs of 35-40C. It will be good not to need perpetual air conditioning. Now to tell you what I have been doing for the last few busy days…

I came to Dhaka for two reasons: the first was to finish a baseline study for our project, and the second was to work on a manual which will be used by the Department of the Environment when they check designs of effluent treatment plants submitted by industries to ensure they meet the regulations. I am happy to say that both of those are done! This trip has been quite successful, and although longer than expected, I was able to complete these tasks.

Over the last few days I have been working hard to get these done, but also have been joined in Dhaka by another consultant on our project, and by two CIDA people who are here to monitor the project. So I have had some company and finally had conversations over dinner, instead of reading my book. In fact, a few nights ago, I had dinner at a fantastic Indian restaurant, so I even got out of the hotel. I’ve been taking a few photos out of the window of the car as well, as we travel to and from work amongst the millions of other commuters, to try to capture what it is really like here.

Last night, I was taken to the Dhaka Club for dinner. It was founded in 1911, in the height of the colonial era. It is an elite club, where the who’s who of Dhaka go to socialize. The walls are all wood paneling and there are pictures of past presidents, all white until independence, at which point the names become very un-english! There were also photos of Dhaka in the early 1900’s. There was a billiard room with 3 huge old billiard tables (the biggest I have ever seen!), several bars, and a dining room. Alcohol is illegal here, but you can get it at this club. The way they get around the law is that the club member has to swear that they need the alcohol for medical reasons! Too funny.

A friend of the Project Manager is a member, so he invited us as his guests to have dinner there. We arrived and had a beer at the bar, and then headed downstairs for dinner. Dinner was fantastic. We had tandooris, curry, fresh naan (scrumptious!!), and yogurt for dessert. One of the men who was there, who has traveled extensively all over South-East Asia, said that it was the best food he has ever had in the region. So I definitely got spoilt!

Well folks, that’s about all from here. See you in Ottawa!

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Spoiled maybe? ;)

That's something else Meg - getting to go to that club and drink beer in a place where alcohol is illegal. Nice work!



Submitted by Meg on Fri, 2008-04-25 14:04.

Spoiled? Perhaps... I don't mind though!


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