Happy 24th of May

Happy 24th of May everyone!! I must admit I am a little jealous of everyone back home at the moment. We don't have a long weekend here this weekend. I believe this is the first holiday that you at home are getting that I am not getting. There will be lots of holidays here, and in fact Carnaval was a big holiday long weekend, with two days off, but I was in Santa Cruz working! However I can't really complain since I did just get back from 3 weeks of vacation.

I'm also jealous because summer is on its way at home. The Utlimate Frisbee season has started, the days are longer, and the temperatures are higher. In La Paz, we are entering winter. It's nothing like winter at home, of course, but it really is quite cold. At night is goes down to about 0-4C, and at mid day, if the sun us shining, it can be quite nice at about 12-15C. But that's only in the sun! In the shade it is cool. The other problem is that buildings tend not to have heating. So, if your office is located in the corner of the building that never gets sun these days, well, you can imagine that it's kind of chilly! So I wear a lot of clothes to work, and have been known to keep my jacket on.

And finally, I am a little jealous because everyone is going to be out celebrating the Sens win today and there is no one here for me to celebrate with! My housemates are canadian, and are happy about the win, but it's not quite the same as being in a bar packed with people all screaming and cheering at the same time! I felt a bit silly jumping around my room by myself after the win (I had been listening to it live on Team 1200 - technology is amazing!) but I did it anyways. And now they are off, for the first time, to the Stanley Cup finals and I won't be able to see it!! If I'm lucky one of the international sports channels might carry it - fingers crossed. That would be awesome!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this long weekend, and getting out and about in the sunshine.

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Posted in bolivia Submitted by Meg on Sat, 2007-05-19 18:01

Go Sens Go!

Submitted by Melissa (not verified) on Mon, 2007-05-21 19:41.

Hey Meghan!

First of all, your photos from the trip with Dave are just incredible. You two must have had quite the adventure. Hopefully the months between now and October will fly by. There are lots of people here who can't wait to see you in person!

As for the subject line, yes, it is a very exciting time to be a Sens fan. Steve and I have been to a game each round so far, and are really hoping to score a couple tickets to one of the Cup games. Don't feel silly for dancing around. Steve and I were dancing too, and we were just watching in our apartment! Hope you can find the games on TV, or at the very least keep listening to the radio feed.

Take care!


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