A Long Journey: Part 1

I will be very happy, once I am in Nampula on Monday, not to see an airport for a while. I am currently in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I am staying for two nights on my way to Mozambique. I flew via Toronto and Amsterdam yesterday to arrive here around 9pm at night. Unfortunately my checked bag did not make it on the same flight from Amsterdam. Otherwise, the flights were uneventful and I was happy to have a bed last night, even though it wasn’t for very long (6 hours by the time I got to the hotel).

I won’t get to see any of Johannesburg, other than the route between the Airport Grand Hotel, where I am staying and the airport itself. But I will be getting to know that route well! Today I am traveling to Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. We are submitting a proposal for a project there and I am delivering it by hand, since I am so close. I will stay there for a few hours, then come back to Johannesburg. I am going to head back to the airport to try to find my bag, but the flight doesn’t arrive until 9:30pm. It doesn’t look like I will get a very long night’s sleep tonight either! I fly tomorrow to Maputo, where I will spend the weekend and hopefully catch up a bit on some sleep. I will be meeting up with our Project Manager for the new Mozambique project we are starting up (which is the reason I am going to Mozambique), as well as some of our Cowater staff in Maputo.

Wrote that a bit earlier today – back now from Lesotho, still haven’t gone to fetch my luggage. Lesotho is a very pretty country. It is mountainous, and at this time of year Maseru is not very warm. People don’t believe that it gets cold in Africa, but it does and in some places (like in the highlands of Lesotho) it can snow. I dropped off the proposal without any problems and after a meeting with a consultant there, I headed back to jo’burg. Really looking forward to sleep!! More from Mozambique, when I arrive …

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