Mozambique’s Independence Day

Today (June 25th, as I will be posting this later) marks the 34th anniversary of Mozambique’s independence. This is when the country gained independence from its Portugual. It is a national holiday, as Canada Day is at home. There was a small parade this morning in Nampula. It looked to be only school children. We decided to take the day off like everyone else seeing as everything was closed and we wouldn’t be able to get much done anyway. That, coupled with the fact that the internet has been down for 2 days means there’s a lot that could not get done today anyway. We visited Ilha de Mocambique instead!

Ilha de Mocambique (or Mozambique Island) is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is about a 2.5h drive from Nampula. It is a small island, of which about one half is a typical fishing village and the other half colonial ruins, which are undergoing refurbishment (although slowly). It was a very interesting place to visit, although there was not much to do besides walk around a look at it all. There is a fort at one end (Fortaleza de Sao Sebastao) which was once used for the slave trade. Unfortunately we were not able to get inside, as it was closed for repair. A lot of work remains to be done, but it was worth the trip.

Along the way, we saw some of the countryside of Nampula province. Around the city itself, there are inselbergs, which are basically large outcrops of smooth volcanic rock. Further out from the city, these disappear and are replaced by trees and villages along the road. As in most African countries, the sides of the road are streaming with people on foot and bicycle going from one place to the next. It was great to see some of the area where the project will be active. I actually do have photos … not sure when I’ll be able to upload those. The internet here is not very good.

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Hi Meghan! Your photos are

Submitted by Kim (not verified) on Sun, 2009-06-28 15:55.

Hi Meghan! Your photos are great, as are the blog posts you have written so far. The colonial ruins on the Ilha de Mocambique look like something straight out of the "Count of Monte Cristo". I hope your internet improves so that you can post the rest of your pictures soon.


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