My first month in Ottawa

I've been home for a month already, maybe more, I haven't actually counted. I arrived home into the whirlwind that is Christmas. Dave picked me up in Montreal, where we ended up staying for the night due to delays and my lost baggage. Saturday morning we drove to Ottawa, where I started unpacking (and didn't really finish until at least a week later!), had dinner with my parents and had some friends over. Sunday we drove to Belleville for the annual pre-Christmas fondue, which was as great as ever. There I was able to catch up with Dave's family, and see our new niece Catriona, and nephew Michael.

We spent Christmas Day with my family in Ottawa. It was the first time Dave ever spent xmas away from his family in Belleville. It was great to have him in Ottawa with me and my family. And finally, Boxing Day arrived and I was able to sit down and realize that I am back and in Ottawa!

Since then I have started my new job at Cowater. I've been there for 2 weeks now. The projects seem really interesting. I am working on one water and sanitation project that is in Mozambique, and one environmental project in Bangladesh. I've been told I will be going there in March, which would be really interesting!! I've never been to Asia before, and would love to go!

Being back in Ottawa is great, although it is taking some getting used to. First of all, it’s really cold! I miss La Paz, and I miss all my friends there. But of course having Dave around is fantastic, and it’s been wonderful to catch up with all my friends again. I also miss having mountain views out my window, speaking Spanish (weird I know, but I don’t want to lose it!), I even miss the craziness that was UNICEF and being so close to the field and the projects, and living and learning a different culture.

I've uploaded photos from my last few days in La Paz including some end of year parties, and views of La Paz, as well as photos from Christmas. I think I will also try to keep this blog up-to-date, to keep you all informed of how things are going, of the wedding plans, and upcoming trips, because there will always be something to tell since I have a lot more traveling to do!

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Submitted by Meg on Sun, 2008-01-20 22:48

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