Happy 24th of May

Happy 24th of May everyone!! I must admit I am a little jealous of everyone back home at the moment. We don't have a long weekend here this weekend. I believe this is the first holiday that you at home are getting that I am not getting. There will be lots of holidays here, and in fact Carnaval was a big holiday long weekend, with two days off, but I was in Santa Cruz working! However I can't really complain since I did just get back from 3 weeks of vacation.

I'm also jealous because summer is on its way at home. The Utlimate Frisbee season has started, the days are longer, and the temperatures are higher. In La Paz, we are entering winter. It's nothing like winter at home, of course, but it really is quite cold. At night is goes down to about 0-4C, and at mid day, if the sun us shining, it can be quite nice at about 12-15C. But that's only in the sun! In the shade it is cool. The other problem is that buildings tend not to have heating. So, if your office is located in the corner of the building that never gets sun these days, well, you can imagine that it's kind of chilly! So I wear a lot of clothes to work, and have been known to keep my jacket on.

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Photos from Peru

MachuPicchu_4I have posted the pictures from Dave's and my trip to Peru. There are a few from Bolivia as well. We went from La Paz to Cusco by land, flew to Lima then went to Ica and Nazca and back to Lima. All in all it was a great trip!

ParacasSunset_8 Unfortunately, that means Dave is now back in Canada and I have to go back to work on Monday. It was great to have him around, even if it was only for a few weeks! I will be home in October for two weeks, so that will be the next time we see each other. Until then, we will be relying on technology to speak to each other ... it would be a whole lot more difficult if it wasn't for the wonderful world of the internet!

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Peruvian Adventures

Dave and I are in Cusco, about to embark upon the Inca Trail tomorrow!! For an update on our trip so far, check out his blog: Dave´s Blog.

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Dave's in Town!

Dave arrived in La Paz yesterday morning, bright and early at 5:30am!! It has been great to have him around! We've had a busy few days so far and a little less than three weeks of vacation ahead of us. Yesterday we took a bus tour of La Paz, which was pretty interesting. Last night we went to a Pena, which is a traditional show involving music and dancing. The band we saw was from the Andes and they played traditional instruments and drums. It was great! Today we went to a square nearby where they sell paintings and bought a couple, then out to lunch at a friend's apartment, and then to a soccer game.

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To Paraguay and Back (Almost!)

IMG_1655I spent last week in the region of El Chaco, which is located in southern Bolivia on a work related trip to investigate the possibility of implementing a project in the region to provide water using solar pumping systems. It was a very interesting trip. I expected the weather to be very hot (up to 40C), but luckily the days were mostly cloudy and the extreme heat doesn’t start for another month or two. We are working with an NGO called Energetica, which specializes in solar panels, and has done several solar pumping projects.

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Pictures from "Biking the World's Most Dangerous Road"

IMG_1508I am back from my trip and have been able to upload my pictures from the bike trip and weekend in Coroico for all to enjoy! The pictures don't do the road justice! I will post another entry about this past trip (to El Chaco) as well as the pictures soon!


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Biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road

I survived the bike ride! And it was awesome. I must say there is nothing like rushing down a dirt road on a bike in the middle of the most gorgeous countryside. Six people from the office decided to take a trip this weekend, taking advantage of the fact that we had Friday off. We started at 7am on Friday in La Paz with the company Solaris. From there, we got on a bus and drove to La Cumbre, at an elevation of 4,650m where it was cold and rainy. Luckily I had brought rain pants! There we were given our bikes. We started off down the highway. For two hours we biked downhill on the side of a paved highway, with freezing fingers and wet faces. Now and then we would emerge from the rain for a while but we would then end up back in it a few minutes later. There was a short uphill section, about 30 minutes, which at an elevation of 3,500m is difficult!

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A Day of Hiking

IllimaniI spent today hiking and it was great. I went with Club Andina, a trekking club of sorts. A friend of mine invited me for the day. There were five of us, plus a guide. We started off hiking the Canyon de Palco. About an hour from La Paz, we were dropped off a little ways from the canyon, walked down to it and then walked for a couple of hours in the canyon. Our feet got a little wet, but it was a great hike! At the end of the excursion, before walking up to the town of Palco we had a little picnic lunch. The minibus picked us up in the town.

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Birthday Fiesta!!

Salud Everyone My 28th birthday has now come and gone – another year older and not much wiser! I had a pretty good birthday though! I had a little fiesta at the house last night with some people from the office and one or two others. Susana and Mike supplied all the food and beer, which was great of them! There was also a delicious chocolate cake, courtesy of the secretary at work who’s family runs a bakery. After a few hours we went out to a bar in the neighbourhood and continued to have fun, dancing and laughing the night away. The group of young people at the office is really great and they like to go out and have a good time. All in all it was a lot of fun!

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Cochabamba and more!

IMG_1331I was away from Wed to Sun night last week, for work of course! I flew Wed morning to Cochabamba with two other women from the office. We had a capacity building workshop from Wed to Fri. The workshop was being given by UNICEF to community-based hygiene promoters. It was a very interesting 3 days and I think I probably learned as much as they did! The hygiene promoters are people who travel to communities in their municipality and hold hygiene promotions sessions, follow the construction of water systems and latrines, and do basic repairs to water taps and systems.

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