One year later in Nampula

I am back in Mozambique, almost exactly one year after I was here last year. Then, my visit was to help with the start-up phase of our project. I was here for 6 weeks working with the team on a daily basis, basically non-stop. This time, the trip is shorter – only 2 weeks, but my purpose is more or less them same – this time I will be working with our project manager to get a few procedures in place and update a few things like work plans and budgets.

I am nearly halfway through the 2-week trip already. I arrived on Sunday night, and tomorrow is Friday already. Time flies! I flew through Dubai again, on the A380 from Toronto – nice plane. I do enjoy Emirates. And since I had a forced overnight in Dubai (in other words, there was no earlier plane for me to catch than one the next day) – they put me up and fed me. Now, it’s not the nicest hotel in the world, but it’s not bad either. No time to explore Dubai this time around. Maybe one of these trips I’ll take an extra day there or something. I was impressed that all 4 of my flights left on time, landed on time, and my bags were here to greet me when I got here. An almost stress free trip is quite nice (there was an issue with a short stopover and needing to collect a boarding pass in Tanzania, but since the flight left Dubai on time, it all worked out).

It’s been busy so far, but not uncontrollably so. There is still a lot to do, and next week several team members from Maputo are heading up here for a planning workshop and other things so it’s going to get busier. I was looking forward to seeing the progress we have made since the last time I was here. Although I am involved in this project from home regularly, it is always nice to come for a visit and see how things are going on the ground. We now have two operational project offices, 12 staff working in the field in communities on a daily basis promoting hygiene, sanitation and community management, and bids are coming in from contractors on Monday for drilling the first 150 boreholes. I don’t think I will have the opportunity to go to the field to visit any of the communities. That will have to wait until next time, when hopefully I can visit a community or two where we have completed a well.

Also interesting is the timing of my trip with the World Cup in South Africa. Football is definitely the talk of the town, and it is playing on every other station on the TV. People seem disappointed with Africa’s performance, but they still have Ghana to hope for. Also, Mozambicans seem to be cheering for Portugal in the absence of African and specifically a Mozambican team. Dave wants me to buy a vuvuzela while I am here…we shall see what I can find. In Maputo, I’m sure I would be able to – here I am much closer to Tanzania than South Africa.

Well that’s it for now – no pics yet, maybe next week I will remember to take out my camera. One thing is for sure – the number of pictures I take somewhere decreases with the number of visits.

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