Only a Few Days Left

Time sure has flown by on this trip. I am in Nampula, with two days left here before I fly to Maputo on Wed and then start the long journey home on Thurs. My flight out of Nampula was originally booked for Thursday morning, leaving only 1.5 h between arriving in Maputo and leaving for Jo’burg, which I have learned since being here is definitely not enough. Local flights don’t ever seem to leave on time, and two of my colleagues have been delayed by more than 6 hours. One was supposed to leave Nampula at 1pm or so, but the flight was overbooked so she was put on the next flight, which was supposed to leave at 8pm. It probably left late and had a supposedly short stopover in another city before heading to Maputo. That stopover ended up being most of the night and the passengers all had to stay in the airport. Please all keep your fingers crossed that might 2 hour flight is only two hours!

I am very much looking forward to coming home. This has been a long trip and there has not been much downtime. As a result of various issues, there has been more work than expected on my shoulders, which were going to be rather full to begin with. All that aside, it has been a very good learning experience for me. I have never been involved in this part of a project before. Start up is an intense period, especially on this project because we have only had two months to do it, which is relatively short. It has been a great experience to be here though, despite the amount of work. Not only have I learned a lot about how our projects are implemented on the ground, I have learned a lot about managing the projects. It will be a lot easier to know what it going on in the field, now that I have been here and experience it myself.

There are a few things I wish I could have done while I was here. One is to visit a community or two, and meet some of the actual people this project may help. Since the field work has not really started yet, that will have to be left for the next trip. I did get to go on a couple road trips, so was able to see the country side and drive past some rural communities, but it would have been great to actually visit a few. I would have also liked to spend a weekend at a beach! The nearest is 3 h away, but I never had enough free time to make the trip. Next time I will make a point of it!

Well, that’s about all from Mozambique for now. I will arrive home on Friday night and I am looking forward to a very relaxing weekend at home. Soon enough Dave and I will be off to England for a week – I will be home long enough to get over the jet lag, then we get back on the plane!

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