A Quick Trip to PEI

Fishing Boats along Gulf Shore ParkwayDave and I just got back from a quick trip to PEI to visit some of his family out there. It was a lovely weekend, all in all. We decided back in the winter that we should go out to visit, since only a few of Dave’s relatives from out East were able to make it to the wedding and to see Dave’s grandparents who are in a nursing home in Charlottetown. We bought the flight on aeroplan points, which is a great way to travel!

We left Fri at around lunch time, and arrived in Charlottetown in the early afternoon. We were met at the airport by Dave’s uncle Doug and went straight from there to the nursing home to see Dave’s grandparents. They both have Alzheimer’s, so the family had been trying to get them used to the idea of Dave and I visiting all week. They remember people they see all the time, but don’t remember others that they don’t see regularly. At times they seemed to know who Dave was, but at other times it was obvious that they didn’t.

Lobster TrapsAfter the visit, we dropped Doug off at his office and were given the keys to the car that we were able to use for the weekend. We went for a beer and a snack at a local brew pub, and then out to Stanhope, where Dave’s relatives live. Stanhope is due North of Charlottetown, on the North shore of the island. It really is an idyllic setting! Dave’s aunt and uncle live next door to each other, which made it easy to visit with both families. We had a dinner and caught up with everyone.

Saturday we went into Charlottetown and wandered around town. We had lunch at a lovely little bakery and then wandered down by the quay to have some Cows ice cream (What trip to PEI is complete without some Cows ice cream!?). In the afternoon we made another visit to the nursing home, then headed out to the Paderno store. Paderno pots are made in PEI. Then it was back to the house for a dinner of fresh lobster (literally the lobsters were dropped off by the fisherman on his way home). Yummy!!

Hiking in PEI National ParkSunday we started the day with a visit to the nursing home, then drove out to Cavendish to see what there is to see. Cavendish is where the Green Gables house is. We weren’t planning on seeing it, but thought we’d be able to have some lunch and then go for a hike. In PEI, outside of tourist season, which really doesn’t start until June, there is not much open! There were a few eateries, but only one was open. So fish and chips it was! Despite cool, very windy and sometimes rainy weather we decided to go for the hike. We took the Homestead trail in PEI National Park, near Cavendish. In the end, we did the short loop rather than the longer one because we were getting pretty wet! Sunday night we had dinner of all you can eat fresh mussels at Dave’s Aunt Krista’s house, followed by souvlaki and salad. I feel like all I did all weekend was eat! But it was good :D

Monday morning we drove around a bit to find a gas station to fill up the car we had been using all weekend, and then said goodbye to the family. We were back in Ottawa in the early afternoon. All in all it was a nice trip. It was good to get to know some of Dave’s family from his Dad’s side, and also to see PEI again, as I hadn’t been since I was a kid. I know it was difficult at times for Dave to see his grandparents as they are now. As he says, they are shadows of the people they used to be. At times they are there, and at others they aren’t. But I think he enjoyed the trip overall as well, especially getting to hang out with his aunts, uncles and cousins.

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I'm glad you were able to get a chance to go visit. I wish we had time to go!


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