Saying Goodbye to Sunshine and Warm Weather

Well, it’s been a month already. I am packed and ready to go, although it’s not quite time to check out and I still have some work to get done. Of course, I am looking forward to going home and can’t wait to get there, although I’m not really looking forward to cold November weather or the 33hr trip to get there. Summer is just beginning here and today is a lovely warm and sunny day. I hope to take a few more photos before

I go, and will post them all once I get home.

The project is off to a good start. We didn’t have any of the personnel issues that we had on the last project startup. Today, I am putting the finishing touches on the report that presents our implementation plan. Others on the team are finalizing the bid document for construction of the first 50 water systems, which will begin probably in May or June. It will be exciting to come back once construction has begun and see some tangible results. Of course, more important than the infrastructure itself is building capacity within the community to operate, maintain and manage the system. Without that, the results won’t be sustainable.

Well, that’s all from Maseru, Lesotho! See you on the other side.

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