Saying Goodbyes

Meghan and KimI said goodbye to all my Ottawa-based friends last night. Dave and I had a party at our house and invited most of the people we hang out with on a regular basis, some of whom know each other and some who don't. There were friends of mine from high school, friends from Ultimate, friends from EWB, friends from University, Dave's sister and brother in-law came from Belleville for the occasion and my brother and his fiancee made it as well. It was great to be able to see everyone before I leave on Monday. I think we had a peak of about 25 people in our house. There was lots of good food on hand (thanks Jenn for everything you brought!!). I had a great time - thanks all for coming out!

The hard part was saying goodbye. I had said a few already, but last night it really started to sink in that I am leaving on Monday and won't be seeing friends and family until October at the earliest, when I come home for Shoshanah and Thomas' wedding. I've left for extended periods of time before, but the leaving part never gets easier. I'm excited to see and experience new things, I'm excited about the work I will be doing in Bolivia, and I'm nervous about the language. But I will miss everyone here while I'm away. So everyone had better keep in touch!

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It's all about the stories...

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If you had been at my wedding you would have heard Grant tell the story about me explaining to him the purpose of life - or at least my thoughts on the purpose of life. I wont get into the gritty details about how I came up with my theory but the long and short of it is, "Life is all about gathering stories." You, my dear, have hit a jackpot in the story gathering department - Don't waste it! :) Looking forward to reading / hearing about your adventure in Bolivia as it unfolds.


Miss you already

Submitted by Shoshanah on Mon, 2007-01-08 11:50.

Dope! You're gone already! I wanted to call you, but then I didn't want to bug you since I figured you would be super busy... and then I decided I wanted to call you anyway. I'm an idiot. A corny idiot. Ah well.

Good luck dudette. May the force be with you and all that.



Happy Trails to our Inspiration

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Travel safe and dream big. I can't imagine the insanity of feelings going through your mind right now but I know this is a moment you will never forget. Even though we are all far away, we are with you every step.
Can't wait to hear about every minute!



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Jenn and I wish you the absolute safest, most interesting and incredible trip to Bolivia. You absolutely are on the brink of an amazing life experience (as if you didn't know this already). While I personally have never experienced anything like your upcoming journey in my life to this point, I can put my self in your shoes. I would have excitement, nervousness, and completely unfocused thoughts at all times. I would be sad, joyous, wonderfully giddy and crippled with doubt. And while I have nothing that I can say to reduce or eliminate any of those feelings, I can say that they all contribute to the overall experience, and in the end, they all only add to what I'm sure will be an unparalleled adventure in your life. My only request is that you return home safe and sound, with amazing stories, and interesting pictures for me to check out (naturally I'll be keeping close tabs on this site as well). We will all miss you, and we will all await your return to our immediate lives. I wish you all the best, and say go with spirit and enthusiasm. Fly safe -Darren & Jenn


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