A Trip to Canada and Back Again

Fall Colours in GatineauI’ve been back in La Paz for almost a week now since I returned from my trip home. I thought it was about time I wrote about the trip! I was at home from Oct 1st to Oct 13th, and it went by way too fast. It was really good to be home and catch up with friends and family, not to mention spending a lot of time with Dave.

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Valentine's Day

Dave's Handmade Scrapbook Yes, it is a little late to be writing about Valentine's Day. However, due to being in Santa Cruz, I only received the wonderful gift Dave sent when I got back. And even then, I had to go collect it which only happened a few days later. So, that is why I am only writing about the gift now! Dave sent me the best gift possible!! First of all, I love mini eggs. And I love dark chocolate.

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