A Short Tour of Dubai

Burj Al ArabHello again! I am currently in Dhaka, Bangladesh on my final trip for the current project we have here. The project is ending in December, so I won’t be back again for this project. I thought the last trip here might be my last, but it wasn’t! I flew through Dubai again on Emirates (on the A380…such a nice plane – so spacious! It really is nice even though there are more than 500 people on it). I landed in Dubai on Thursday evening, and my flight to Dhaka wasn’t until 1pm on Friday, so I decided to take advantage of those few hours and see a bit of the city. I’ve stopped over in Dubai several times now, but have never really seen any of it except the airport and the hotels where I stayed.

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To Dhaka via Dubai

Airbus A380Hello again everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, because I have actually not traveled anywhere since November! Four full months in Ottawa – it’s been a while since that has happened. Well, to end the non-travel spell, I have come to Dhaka to work on our environmental institutional strengthening project. This is the project the keeps bringing me back to Dhaka – this is my fourth trip here. Previously I was coming about once every six months, but this time it’s been just over a year since my last trip to Bangladesh.

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