Birthday Fiesta!!

Salud Everyone My 28th birthday has now come and gone – another year older and not much wiser! I had a pretty good birthday though! I had a little fiesta at the house last night with some people from the office and one or two others. Susana and Mike supplied all the food and beer, which was great of them! There was also a delicious chocolate cake, courtesy of the secretary at work who’s family runs a bakery. After a few hours we went out to a bar in the neighbourhood and continued to have fun, dancing and laughing the night away. The group of young people at the office is really great and they like to go out and have a good time. All in all it was a lot of fun!

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Carnaval in Santa Cruz

Floats As I mentioned in a previous post, although I wasn’t able to go to THE Carnaval in Oruro as originally planned, I was able to experience a bit of Carnaval in Santa Cruz. I have posted my pictures for all to see! I was able to go and experience the festivities twice. The first time was to see the Entrada, or parade. There are floats, dancers and bands. It was quite the sight! There were tonnes of people out to see it.

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Update from Santa Cruz

I’ve been in Santa Cruz for 10 days now. It’s been a very busy 10 days. Emergency response is work that involves long long hours and very little sleep! I’m fairly certain that I haven’t had a night of 8 hours of sleep since I’ve been here. Tonight is the night!! 8 hours, here I come!

I have been working as a member of the water and sanitation commission of the Departmental government. I am not supposed to be coordinating the group, but really I am. I have spent several days out in the field evaluating the water and sanitation situation of people who have been affected by the flooding. I have spent many many many hours in meetings. And other hours working on our strategy and trying to get things done.

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Carnaval is Just Around the Corner

Dancers in La Paz Carnaval is in a few weeks, the week before Lent. The main weekend is Feb 17-18. It will be a four-day weekend, with the Monday and Tuesday as holidays. It consists of dancing and parades and all-around craziness, from what I understand. Today, a group of dancers were out on the main street in my neighbourhood practicing for the main event. I’ve posted a few pictures. I’m sure there will be many more from Carnaval itself!

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EkekoJanuary 24th (Wednesday) marked the Alasitas Festival in La Paz – the festival of abundance. I went Wed at lunch to check it out and see what there was to see!

The festival celebrates dreams and expectations for abundance in the coming year. It takes place all over the city, and there was one location near my office. The courtyard was overtaken by people with small tables, or on the ground, selling things in miniature. The idea is you buy the things that you would like to have in real life, but in miniature. Each item represents a dream, and if you buy it and have it blessed, it will come true in the following year. There is a God of Abundance, Ekeko. His figurines are adorned with lots of ‘stuff’ and legend has it that he has a cigarette every Friday.

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Unrest in Cochabamba

There has been some unrest in Cochabamba in the last few days. Before anyone starts to worry about me, it was confined to Cochabamba and seems to have calmed down now. Cochabamba is over 200km from La Paz (straight-line distance), and there are also a few mountains between the two cities.

Bolivia is divided into departments, something like Canada’s provinces. There are 9 departments, and each has an elected leader, who is called a Prefect (similar to the Premier of a Province). The most recent election was the first time that the Prefects were elected and not appointed by the President. The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is on the left side of the political scale. However, several of the Prefects are much further on the right. This all makes for interesting political dynamics! In addition to this, there are several Prefects who want their departments to separate from Bolivia. This is how the problems in Cochabamba flared up.

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