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La Sede no se Mueve!

That is the familiar chant around town these days! And the “cause” of the week as well. Today, in La Paz, businesses were closed, transportation was not running and most people did not go to work. Roads in and out of the city were blocked, and if you had to catch a flight – all the power to you! Why, you might ask? As result of an organized civil action for the people of La Paz to show their support for this cause.

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Trekking at 5,300m

IMG_2492I went on a little adventure today! A coworker and I decided yesterday that we needed to get out of the city and do something. So, we went to the tourist street which is full of souvenir shops and also travel agencies. After asking a few places, we were able to find one that offered a day-trip to Chacaltaya. So we set out this morning at 8:30am with two other people for a day-hike!

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This Week in Bolivia

In Bolivia, protests and demonstrations are common. It is not rare to hear that a group of people has blocked one road or other. This week, we had a few such groups making the news with their protests. None ended in violence as the protests in Cochabamba did earlier this year (see previous post), but all were brought to the attention of the public through the media.

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Gran Poder

IMG_2277It's been a while since I've written an update about life in Bolivia. Well, wait no longer!! This weekend was the festival of Gran Poder in La Paz. Gran Poder is an Andean festival, and is a combination of Pre-Columbian and Catholic traditions. It is supposed to be a celebration of Christ. It is basically a day-long parade, starting at 8am or so and going until who knows when at night! The parade features groups of people dressed in costumes and dancing traditional dances to traditional music. This year there were 54 groups, for a total of 20,000 dancers and musicians. Take a look at my pictures to see some of the incredible costumes.

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A Day of Hiking

IllimaniI spent today hiking and it was great. I went with Club Andina, a trekking club of sorts. A friend of mine invited me for the day. There were five of us, plus a guide. We started off hiking the Canyon de Palco. About an hour from La Paz, we were dropped off a little ways from the canyon, walked down to it and then walked for a couple of hours in the canyon. Our feet got a little wet, but it was a great hike! At the end of the excursion, before walking up to the town of Palco we had a little picnic lunch. The minibus picked us up in the town.

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EkekoJanuary 24th (Wednesday) marked the Alasitas Festival in La Paz – the festival of abundance. I went Wed at lunch to check it out and see what there was to see!

The festival celebrates dreams and expectations for abundance in the coming year. It takes place all over the city, and there was one location near my office. The courtyard was overtaken by people with small tables, or on the ground, selling things in miniature. The idea is you buy the things that you would like to have in real life, but in miniature. Each item represents a dream, and if you buy it and have it blessed, it will come true in the following year. There is a God of Abundance, Ekeko. His figurines are adorned with lots of ‘stuff’ and legend has it that he has a cigarette every Friday.

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Summer in Bolivia – Warm(ish), rain and floods

Summer in La Paz is in full swing. This is not, however, anything like summer in Ottawa or anywhere in Ontario. It might actually get warmer in Moosonee. I would compare summer here to an early May day in Ottawa. The temperature fluctuates every day from about 5 or 6C in the morning to about 12 or 15C in the afternoon. Because La Paz is at such a high elevation (3,600m), it doesn’t actually get hot and any heat built up during the day dissipates as soon as the sun goes down. But it is lovely to walk home for lunch without even needing a sweater on a sunny day. The winter will be cooler, with lows around zero at night, and the highs a little lower than in summer.

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Views of La Paz

La Paz_view10 I visited a lookout, called Mirador Monticulo, in the centre of La Paz this afternoon. The views from the lookout were amazing. I've posted my pictures on Flickr.

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A few photos

my neighbourhood I've posted a few photos from around my neighbourhood. The UNICEF office is about a 15 min walk from the house, which is good! Take a look to see what La Paz looks like!

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