Saying Goodbye to Sunshine and Warm Weather

Well, it’s been a month already. I am packed and ready to go, although it’s not quite time to check out and I still have some work to get done. Of course, I am looking forward to going home and can’t wait to get there, although I’m not really looking forward to cold November weather or the 33hr trip to get there. Summer is just beginning here and today is a lovely warm and sunny day. I hope to take a few more photos before

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Only a Week Left

Well, it’s been nearly two weeks since I posted anything, and now I’m down to one week left in Lesotho. Things have, as usual, been very busy for the last two weeks. But we are getting things going and generally getting things off to a good start. In fact, we had our Kick Off meeting this morning and it went quite well.

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Maseru and beyond

As usual on these trips I take for work, time is flying, mostly due to the amount of work that needs to get done. This week was no exception – in fact the week is a complete blur of activity! I won’t bore you with all the details, but most of what I have been doing so far is meeting with our client and trying to get the project to move forward and also to set up our field office here in town. There are a million little things that need to get done, and my list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter, just longer!

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Back Again in Africa

Hello from Maseru, Lesotho! I arrived in this small landlocked country (completely surrounded by South Africa) on Wednesday afternoon and have been meaning to write a post since then but as soon as I hit the ground things have been going non-stop. I am here to help out with starting up another new project that we recently won. My role here will be similar to the role I was playing in Mozambique back in June/July. I will be here for the next four weeks, and we hope to get a good start on the project by then.

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A Long Journey: Part 1

I will be very happy, once I am in Nampula on Monday, not to see an airport for a while. I am currently in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I am staying for two nights on my way to Mozambique. I flew via Toronto and Amsterdam yesterday to arrive here around 9pm at night. Unfortunately my checked bag did not make it on the same flight from Amsterdam. Otherwise, the flights were uneventful and I was happy to have a bed last night, even though it wasn’t for very long (6 hours by the time I got to the hotel).

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