NampulaI have been able to post some photos. I labelled them as best I could, considering I could not see the photos once uploaded! Here is a link to a random one (I have no idea which one it actually is) - hope it's a nice one! Click on it and follow the link to see them all.

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Mozambique’s Independence Day

Today (June 25th, as I will be posting this later) marks the 34th anniversary of Mozambique’s independence. This is when the country gained independence from its Portugual. It is a national holiday, as Canada Day is at home. There was a small parade this morning in Nampula. It looked to be only school children. We decided to take the day off like everyone else seeing as everything was closed and we wouldn’t be able to get much done anyway. That, coupled with the fact that the internet has been down for 2 days means there’s a lot that could not get done today anyway.

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Finally in Nampula

After spending the weekend in Maputo, I flew up to Nampula, which is in the North of Mozambique. It is a city of approximately 300-400,000 people, with a small commercial centre. According to one of the women I am traveling with it has changed a great deal since 1995 when she was last here. It is a bustling little city now. It is warmer here than it was in Maputo, as we are closer to the equator. During the day it is hot, while at night a nice cool breeze blows. It reminds me of Ottawa in July. It’s the dry season now, so we should get much rain while I am here.

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