Bengali New Year

IMG_4002Happy New Year (Shubha Nababarsha)! Today (April 14) is Bengali New Year (Poila Boishakh), and it marks the start of the year 1415 in Bengali culture. The festivities take place throughout the country, and also in parts of India. Two of my coworkers took me out to see some of the festivities that take place. Picture Canada Day in Ottawa, but with soooo many more people.

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Bangladesh in the News

You may or may not have seen news headlines lately, pertaining to riots and protests in Bangladesh, and in Dhaka specifically. There have been a few disturbances lately, although I’m not sure how often such things occur. And I have only found out about them through the media, both national and international.

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Tour of Dhaka City

Views of street below_2Today I had a tour of the city of Dhaka. It was arranged and given by members of the project team, which was very generous of them! We started at the hotel at 9am, where a driver and two others (Touhed and Nipa) picked me up. First stop was the parliament buildings (Sangshad Bhaban), which were built in the early 1940’s and designed by an American architect. Very interesting design, as you will see by the photos! There are also residences for parliamentary staff nearby. We also went to a memorial for one of Bangladesh’s Prime Ministers.

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Impressions of Dhaka

I arrived in Dhaka on Monday, about 4 hours later than anticipated due to snow in London. I didn’t know it snowed in London in April very often! But apparently it can happen. And when it does, it seems to mess up Heathrow’s flight schedules, but then what doesn’t!?

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Counting Down to Dhaka

I am counting down to my departure for Bangladesh. I leave Saturday afternoon from Ottawa, and later that night from Toronto. It's going to be a long journey - 20 hours on 2 flights with a stopover at Heathrow (please cross your fingers that the luggage system will be working!). I will arrive in Dhaka at 6am on Monday morning, Dhaka Time. Dhaka is about 11 hours ahead of us, so I am on two overnight flights to get there, in the space of one day. It's kind of crazy. To get back, I will travel for 20 hours, but get back to Ottawa 12 hours or so later.

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Another adventure is on the way

Time sure flies these days! I can't believe I've already been back for almost 3 months. It's good to be back, although I could use a little less snow. It's been great catching up with friends, and getting back into the swing of things here. I was sick with mono for a while there - and I thought I would be healthy now that I am back in Canada! As a result I was in a bit of hibernation mode, but now I am feeling back to normal, and getting ready for the enxt adventure!

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Sorata – My Last Trip in Bolivia (For Now!)

panoramic view
This weekend I went to the town of Sorata, which has a population of 2,500 and is located at 2,670m in the Yungas region of Bolivia. I went with two friends to try to fit in a bit of warm weather and sunshine before heading back to Canada, where I won’t experience such things for at least 4-5 months! Sorata is a lovely little town nestled in a valley below Mt. Illampu, which is one of Bolivia’s highest peaks, at 6,430m, giving the town an absolutely beautiful setting.

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Latinosan – Cali, Colombia

Hacienda el ParaisoI just returned from my 4th South American country – Colombia! I was there attending Latinosan 2007, the Latin American Sanitation Conference, in Cali. There were about 800 participants from 40 different countries from all over the world, all talking about sanitation and hygiene promotion. It was a really interesting conference and I also managed to see some of the sights and have some fun!

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A Trip to Canada and Back Again

Fall Colours in GatineauI’ve been back in La Paz for almost a week now since I returned from my trip home. I thought it was about time I wrote about the trip! I was at home from Oct 1st to Oct 13th, and it went by way too fast. It was really good to be home and catch up with friends and family, not to mention spending a lot of time with Dave.

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Salar de Uyuni Pictures

Salar de UyuniI have managed to acquire photos from my trip to Salar de Uyuni a few weeks ago. Take a look!

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