Drowning our Sorrows in Niagara

My wine sampleAlthough not a journey overseas, as is usually the case on this blog, Dave and I did a bit of travelling this weekend. And so, I decided to write a little bit about it. We, and a group of friends, went to Niagara on the Lake this weekend to enjoy some wine and quality time together in celebration of our thirtieth birthdays, which many of us are celebrating this year (or already have!).

It’s been a long time since I have been to NOTL. In fact, the last time I don’t think I was old enough to drink (what a waste!). It was fun to rediscover the town now that I am more than old enough to imbibe! Dave, myself and friend Kim drove to Belleville on Thurs night, to shorten the drive to NOTL on Fri. After getting a fairly early start on Fri morning, we stopped in St. Catherine’s for groceries and arrived in Niagara in time for some lunch. We stayed at McPhillips House, a rental property with four bedrooms and beds for 10. Shoshanah and Thomas were already there, so after dropping off all our stuff and calling the property manager to come fix the lock (turns out the batteries of the keypad lock had died), we were off to a small tea shop to sit on the patio in the lovely weather, to enjoy an Irish beer and a bap and decide what to do with the rest of the afternoon.

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