Lending a Helping Hand

I am off to Santa Cruz! The flooding has continued in 8 out of 9 departments of Bolivia. Due to El Niño, the rains and flooding are worse this year than they have been in a while. Santa Cruz is the department worst hit. As of yesterday, there were 12,000 families displaced in that department alone and a total of 30,000 families displaced throughout the country. Some of these families will have gone to live with relatives where there is no flooding. Some of these families will have gone to camps that are being set up for them. I saw pictures today of families living in the back of a truck, and one woman living on the side of the highway.

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Water Quality Monitoring

Working at UNICEF has so far been very interesting, and there is always a lot of work to be done. I have had various tasks and assignments since I’ve been here. One of these has to do with water quality in Bolivia.

In Canada, standards and guidelines exist for drinking water quality and are enforced. We have the knowledge, resources, and laboratory capacity to carry out testing, analysis and reporting. We also have the ability to provide resources to fix any problems that might be encountered. How do you monitor water quality in a country where, at least in rural areas, most of these requisites are missing?

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Summer in Bolivia – Warm(ish), rain and floods

Summer in La Paz is in full swing. This is not, however, anything like summer in Ottawa or anywhere in Ontario. It might actually get warmer in Moosonee. I would compare summer here to an early May day in Ottawa. The temperature fluctuates every day from about 5 or 6C in the morning to about 12 or 15C in the afternoon. Because La Paz is at such a high elevation (3,600m), it doesn’t actually get hot and any heat built up during the day dissipates as soon as the sun goes down. But it is lovely to walk home for lunch without even needing a sweater on a sunny day. The winter will be cooler, with lows around zero at night, and the highs a little lower than in summer.

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What will I be doing in Bolivia?

Well, I’m stuck in Miami at the moment. I was supposed to arrive in La Paz at 6:30am this morning. Instead I will arrive there at 6:30am tomorrow. My flight from Chicago to Miami was delayed just long enough for me to miss my connecting flight from Miami to La Paz. So, I stayed in a casino/hotel near the Everglades on the outskirts of Miami last night, paid for by American Airlines. There is only one flight a day from Miami to La Paz, so I am now in the airport waiting until then! So I thought I would take this time to write a bit about what it is exactly that I will be doing while I am in Bolivia.

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