A Visit from my Parents

My parents have been in La Paz for the last few days. They arrived in the city last Wednesday, after having traveled with a tour group from Lima through Cusco and Puno to La Paz. I’ve been able to show them around the city and spend quite a bit of time with them. It’s been nice to have them around!

Thursday they were with their tour group for a city tour, so I went to work and met them in the evening for dinner with them and their tour group. We then gathered their things (they had been staying at a hotel with the group) and came down to Zona Sur, to the house.

Friday was a full day of touring and walking, starting with Calle Jean and a visit to the house of Don Pedro Murillo, a colonial-style house with furniture and paintings from the era. We then walked over to Iglesia San Fanrcisco and were lucky enough to be able to go inside. It is often not open. In the museum of the church there is a photo exhibit on at the moment, called World Press Photo, and we wandered through it as well. The we did some shopping in Sagarnaga and finally went over to Sopocachi for lunch at a café.
In the afternoon I showed my parents the shopping district near my house, called San Miguel.

Saturday we went for a 3-hour hike in Palca Canyon. I had done the walk before and knew it wouldn’t be too challenging. My friend Patrick (who has been traveling around South America for the last 4 months) and a friend of his also joined us. We had a picnic lunch and were back in La Paz around 3pm. At night, I took them to a restaurant nearby and then out to a peña, which is a show with traditional dancing and music.

Today we went to a square nearby where painters sell their paintings on Sundays and then went out for lunch in Mallasa, where families of La Paz often go for lunch on Sunday. The food was good, and so was the ice cream! Once back in the city, we walked down to my office so that I could show them where I work.

All in all it’s been a good visit and I think they have enjoyed it. Tomorrow, bright and early (we have to be at the airport at 5am) we leave for Canada together. I’m going back for a short visit and a wedding. I’m looking forward to it!!

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