A Weekend in Maputo

I arrived in Maputo, Mozambique on Saturday morning. It is finally sinking in, now that I have stopped zooming from here to there in an airplane non-stop, that I am in Africa again. It’s great to be back! Maputo is the capital of Mozambique and is a pretty big city. It is located on the coast in the south of the country. I am staying in a small guest house / B&B until we head up to Nampula on Monday morning.

A colleague from our Mozambique office met me at the airport and we stopped to buy a SIM card for my UK mobile phone, which works all over Europe and Africa and has come in quite handy. Then we headed to the hotel, where the project manager for the project is already staying. I settled in, figured out that I can’t get the wireless internet to work (and so am stuck using the shared computer in the lobby), and got my phone working after a bit of effort. Afterwards, the PM and I went to find some lunch at a nearby pizzeria then went for a walk down to the coast. He has lived here before and is familiar with the area, so it was great to be shown around a bit. The coast line is lovely.

Other than that, I have seen a lot of Maputo in the limited time I have here. Part of that is the fact that I have been trying to get organized for the coming week. On Saturday night we went out to dinner to a nice seafood restaurant with some other Canadians who have recently been up in Nampula. They were all francophone, so most of the conversation was in French. I was able to understand pretty much everything, but speaking it was difficult! I find I am able to recognize some Portuguese words, but need to work on that a lot over the next few weeks.

Sunday has been a relaxing day, which was much needed. The coming week is likely to be very busy! We leave Maputo at 8am tomorrow and arrive in Nampula around 11am. What the week has in store is yet to be seen!

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